Cyber Threats

Tab Napping – New Phishing Scam

If you are now are of Phishing, it is actually a technique use by hackers to steal your personal information such as usernames and passwords and other important information that will benefit them. Now there is a new phishing scam called Tab napping, where user does notrequireto click on any URL to redirect them to the phishing site instead it will trigger one of your inactive tab to automatically replaced by with a new tab without notice as we all know that opening multi-tabs now in browser is use by many people

To give you a good example, for instance you have opened your bank account in one of your tabs and became inactive for a few minutes with tab napping it will be automatically replaced with the phishing site of your bank and youwill be askedto enter your Usernameand password as regular phishing sites do. You might think youhave been signedout or never logged in but when you will enter the details again itwill be sentto the hacker already.