Fantastic Road Map For DAP

We have a fantastic road-map ahead for DAP – all core features will continue to be improved, and we’re constantly adding new features in every release – like for eg., the powerful DAP Shopping Cart Plugin which is FREE to all DAP users – a cart that rivals many paid shopping carts in terms of its unlimited 1-click upsells & coupons all of which can be done for FREE with our cart. We can’t give you specifics of our road-map much for the same reason companies like Apple don’t tell their users about what’s in the next iPhone – mostly to retain a competitive advantage and not give our competitors an convenient heads-up about what’s cooking in the DAP headquarters.

No one listens to their customers more than we do – every release we add or improve upon tens of features based on customer complaints, customer pain points, customer wish-lists, and more. That’s how we have continued to stay relevant and remain one of the most popular membership plugins available anywhere, 6 years after we launched.

How to extend your laptop battery life

I’ve been using laptop and netbook for almost 6 years and based from my experience it is not hard to extend your laptop battery life as long as you are not abusing the system itself. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to save your battery from retiring early because if you are not aware, Laptops original batteries are really expensive to buy. So try the following steps and save some battery life :)

Step 1: If you’re using Windows OS. Right click on your desktop, click properties and then select screen saver, then select powerand click power scheme and then select maximum battery life.

Step 2: Always turn down the brightness of your laptop, same with your android phone it will save a lot of juice.

Step 3: Always charger your batteries when they completely drained or nearly battery empty.

Step 4: Only use the battery if you are going outside, in a mall, or a picnic. If you are only working at home or in the office run the laptop by removing the battery and then connect the plug to main switch as an AC mode.

Step 5: Avoid heavy multitasking, try to open a single or two applications only at the same time.

If you find these tips useful enough, please share it to your friends.