Fantastic Road Map For DAP

We have a fantastic road-map ahead for DAP – all core features will continue to be improved, and we’re constantly adding new features in every release – like for eg., the powerful DAP Shopping Cart Plugin which is FREE to all DAP users – a cart that rivals many paid shopping carts in terms of its unlimited 1-click upsells & coupons all of which can be done for FREE with our cart. We can’t give you specifics of our road-map much for the same reason companies like Apple don’t tell their users about what’s in the next iPhone – mostly to retain a competitive advantage and not give our competitors an convenient heads-up about what’s cooking in the DAP headquarters.

No one listens to their customers more than we do – every release we add or improve upon tens of features based on customer complaints, customer pain points, customer wish-lists, and more. That’s how we have continued to stay relevant and remain one of the most popular membership plugins available anywhere, 6 years after we launched.