How to Detect and Remove key loggers from your PC

If you are regularly visiting an internet café to play online games, or just to check your social media accounts there is a high risks of being key logged by other users of course for several reasons possible. FYI, Key loggers are software specialized in capturing all the information that enters your computer when you type with the keyboard. Many individuals use this kind of technique if they want to hack someone’s game password, or if they want to stalk to a person’s social media account especially to ladies. Others will use this for more serious intent like for hacking your bank account and checking your other personal information.

Not just in the internet cafés keylogger are present but even in your own personal computer as it can be installed remotely or it can be attached to a software that you’ve accidentally installed into your pc.To detect if you are infected with such threat, you can see changes that you have not done or see attempted entries into your social media account or email, or your game account loses some gaming currencies and items.

If you find that it is a key logger then you must uninstall it immediately. You can also perform a full scan of your antivirus and be sure to update it constantly. You can also install an antikeylogger program that allows you to automatically detect any key logger installed.