USB protection

How To Password Protect USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are very useful nowadays, it is very handy and it is available in different capacities ranging from 2GB to 128GB depending on brand. I’ve been using flash drives for my day to day work and as a means of reformatting my client’s computers because I don’t need to burn a DVD disc anymore. Another advantage of having a flash drive is that you can access your files anywhere download/upload and even share your files to your employers remotely.

But in such cases, data security is a persistent problem because as you plug your flash drives on different computers there is a huge risks of being infected by viruses, Trojans, and worms which can harm your important data. Worse case is when your flash drive was lost or compromised, sensitive data could fall in the wrong hands. But there’s a solution to this, password protect your flash drives!

You can simply add a password as security to your USB flash drives so that only you or authorized users can access the data. There’s two types of security measure you can use, a simple password protection wherein data cannot be seen without entering a password and there’s encryption, in which the data is actually encrypted and can be decrypted and accessed only with a password.