Why Root Your Android Smartphone?

So you’ve bought your first android smartphone installed free apps and games, then what’s next? How about root your device? If this is your first time to hear/read the word root or rooting then you might want to continue reading this article.

FYI, Rooting bypasses Android’s security system and you may control your device core apps as if there is no restriction. You can even delete unnecessary applications not needed to free up some space from your ROM. Another special about rooting is that you can install android applications which are created for rooted devices only, meaning if your phone is not rooted you won’t able to use these apps.

When you root your device, you can allow apps to run as the root user. This gives them access to the entire system, which allows them to do things that wouldn’t normally be possible. Just a reminder that apps that require root access can be especially dangerous and should be scrutinized extra carefully.